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  • We would like to comment on the manuscript entitled “Endoscopic autologous cartilage injection for the patulous Eustachian tube” by Oh et al. [1]. This is an interesting study and excellent work. Although a patulous Eustachian tube (ET) is not usually seen in otorhinolaryngology clinics, it may cause aural fullness and autophony of the voice or breath sounds, negatively affecting the patient's quality of life. The relief of these symptoms is important. Although many scholars have proposed treatment methods, no ideal method has been developed due to the small sample size, short follow-up, and complications seen in the various studies.

  • Lateral osteotomies are important during rhinoplasty and represent a challenging technique that otolaryngology and plastic surgery trainees must learn. The approaches for osteotomies are difficult to teach as they are accomplished through tactile feedback. Trends in teaching and practice patterns of lateral osteotomies are poorly described in the literature, and this study aims to fill this knowledge gap.

  • Skull base osteomyelitis (SBOM) is an inflammatory process which often arises from malignant otitis externa (MOE); the diffuse skull base and adjacent soft tissue involvement may be mistaken at initial imaging for advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC), especially if there is no prior knowledge of MOE, direct spread from the sphenoid sinus or in atypical presentations of MOE. This study aims to evaluate imaging features on MR that may differentiate SBOM from NPC.

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